January 10, 2007

Great Pet Costumes & Pet Novelties

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Great Pet Costumes & Pet Novelties

Great Pet Costume Ideas

Many people have great childhood Halloween memories because they got a chance to be anything they wanted for one day. Because you are grown up it does not mean the fun has to end. Halloween is a favorite holiday for so many people because it is a day when you can be someone or something else. A fun tradition for the whole family, incuding your pet, Halloween can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Your online source for Halloween costumes at any age is Newyorkcostumes.com.

Not only is Halloween a great time for you break out and wear something outlandish but it is also a time for your pet to be a little zany also. At Newyorkcostumes.com we have plenty of ideas to help you and your pet get in the festive mood. You can include your pet in the festivities with one of our Pet Costumes. We carry a wide variety of Pet Classical Costumes to Pet TV Costumes & Pet Movie Costumes to Pet Holiday Costumes and you can complete your pet's costume with selections from our Pet Hats & Pet Accessories.

Pet Classical Costumes

For that traditional costume look we offer plenty of Pet Classical Costumes choices that will not leave you short of ideas at Newyorkcostumes.com. Make your Halloween unforgettable by dressing in conflicting costumes with your pet. You will find loads of combinations at Newyorkcostumes.com. You can dress up as a POLICE MAN and your pet in a PET COSTUME - PRISON DOG or you can be a SINISTER DEVIL and your pet a LIL ANGEL - PET or you can be an INDIAN MAIDEN
and your pet a COWBOY - PET
to name a few.

For twice the fun, you'll find numerous ideas that tie in your costume with your pet's costume at Newyorkcostumes.com. For instance you can dress as a WIZARD and your pet in BEWITCHED or you can be a PIRATE LADY and your pet a PET PIRATE. Some other great suggestions for both you and your pet are to dress as Rock superstars, Hippies, Gangsters, Firefighters, Dracula, Jesters, Cowboy and many many more.

Pet TV Costumes & Pet Movie Costumes

If it is TV or movie characters you are interested in than look no further. We have plenty of choices for you and your pet to choose from at Newyorkcostumes.com. You can dress as Batman
and your pet in a ROBIN PET COSTUME
or your pet in a BATMAN PET COSTUME and you as ROBIN for example. Some other terrific superhero ideas for you and your pet are Spiderman and Spider Pet or Superman and Super Pet.

Always a great idea you can't go wrong with Star Wars costumes. Some Pet Star Wars costumes available are PRINCESS LEIA PET COSTUME and YODA PET COSTUME which can be paired with your PRINCESS LEIA DLX - ADULT or ANAKIN SKYWALKER - ADULT. Whether it is a character from your favorite movie or TV show you can find it at Newyorkcostumes.com.

Pet Holiday Costumes

Not just for Halloween parties your pet can accompany you to just about any costume party or celebration. Dressing up can make your pet the TOP DOG of the party with a costume that is fun and exciting to wear. Your pet's costume does not have to be limited to scary or character costumes such as our PUP SHALOM
costume. Dressing up has never been so much fun especially if your pet is not left out of the party.

Pet Hats & Pet Accessories

What costume will be complete without accessories? At Newyorkcostumes.com you can complete your Pet Costumes with collars, bowties, hats and much more. Don't forget to complete your costume with a few selections from our Costume Accessories

You can find many costume combinations that that will suprise your friends and even yourself at Newyorkcostumes.com. With a quality Pet Costume from Newyorkcostumes.com you can include your pet in the festivities and make him feel more like part of the family. Our pet costumes are made with the highest standards and will be enjoyed by you and your pet for many seasons to come. So put your pet on your lap or shoulder make it a special event and shop for both of your costumes together. Your pet will let your know which costume he or she likes. All you have to do is use your imagination and most of all have fun because that's what Halloween is all about.

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