January 10, 2007

Halloween Costumes, Halloween Accesories & Halloween Decorations

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Halloween Costumes, Halloween Accesories & Halloween Decorations

Halloween Costumes

Writing about Halloween Costumes for someone who has been in the Halloween business for 5 years now is like an accountant talking about taxes. Luckily for me Halloween Costumes hold a readers attention much easier than tax codes and tax law does. When you are in retail and you sell things it is much easier to sell something that people want and enjoy. At Newyorkcostumes.com we sell fun!!! We sell Halloween costumes to people that we enjoy selling as much as they enjoy buying. It makes for a great day when a customer purchases a WIZARD OF OZ - TINMAN costume and you know that person is going to have fun and enjoy themselves at the event they are going to.


After all having fun is what Halloween is all about. Some people say it's about scaring people but I believe its about entertaining people and a small part of that entertainment is scaring someone. Over the past several years the Adult Horror Costumes has waned in popularity instead turning to Adult Funny Costumes, Childrens Super Hero Costumes, and Teen Angel Costumes to name a few. AtNewyorkcostumes.com we have thousands of Halloween Costumes to choose from, literally thousands. Some of my favorites include HEAVENLY ANGEL, INDIAN BRAVE, J.L. BYRD and TINKERHELL.

Childrens Incredible Hulk

Even though Halloween is the predominant holiday for people to wear costumes there is also Purim, Carnivale, Christmas, Easter and Mardi Gras to name a few. These costumes are not just for Halloween anymore. Another use of Childrens Costumes is for playwear. Children love playing dress up all the time and with year round internet stores like Newyorkcostumes.com readily available, playing dress up all year round is that much easier. There are also Adult Mascot Costumes used by many businesses to stand out by the roadside and attract attention to the store. This is just one way the Adult Mascot Costumes could be used, there are many more innovative ways to use them.


Halloween Accessories

Another huge category for Newyorkcostumes.com is Halloween Accessories. We carry tens of thousands of Halloween accessories to choose from. Accessories are the glue that holds your costume together. The best example of how accessories complete the costume is the THE WIZARD OF OZ - DOROTHY DELUXE CHILD costume. This costume basically includes the light blue check dress. However, if you dont have the DOROTHY WIG, DOROTHY SHOES, and WIZARD OF OZ - TOTO IN A BASKET you are just a pretty girl in a little blue dress. That is what accessories can do for your costume. From the bolts on Frankenstein's neck, to the witch broom, to the eyepatch on the pirate, accessories are what drive your costume from bland to prize winning.


Halloween Decorations

Halloween is the 2nd largest holiday in the United States behind Christmas and the fastest growing. Every year there seems to be more and more parties and events related to Halloween. This in turn is increasing the demand for more and more innovative and quality Halloween Decorations which we carry at Newyorkcostumes.com. Wheteher you are looking for an ANIMATED AILING RAT or a CRYPT TABLE we have what you are looking for.

The Halloween Decorations we provide come in a wide variety of categories. From Halloween Props to Wall Decorations, from Electronic Decorations to Party Supplies, even Body Parts we carry the widest selection of Halloween Decorations on the net. We carry hundreds of different styles of Halloween Decorations inside of each category. Whether you are trying to decorate for a Halleew theme party or decorating your house for the holiday we have what you are looking for. Remember if you dont see what you are looking for dial 1-800-99-JUMPY!!!!

If you are looking for some Halloween Props try our 3 HEADED DOG - CERBERUS, if you need Wall Decorations try the HAUNTED FOREST DOOR DECOR or the SKULL MIRROR, also in our Electronic Decorations department you can find the WALKING GHOST or the 4' LAMP POST. In our Party Supplies area you can get a CANDY BOWL - SPIDERWEB or a SKELETON PUNCH BOWL SET and finally if you are looking for some spare Body Parts try our CUT OFF HEAD - VAMPIRE or our SKINNED LEFT LEG.


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