January 10, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean Movie and Pirate Costumes

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Pirates of the Caribbean Movie and Pirate Costumes

Pirates of the Caribbean Movie and Pirate Costumes

As with most blockbuster Hollywood movie releases, this movie is going to influence this Halloween season tremendously. Pirate Costumes will be one of if not the biggest costume category this season. Pirates of the Caribbbean 2: Dead Man's Chest is the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl which was released in 2003. Both movies star Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightly. The release of the first movie definitely saw an upswing in sales of Pirate Costumes that year and it has steadily increased over the past few years. This year should mark the high water point in Pirate Costumes with a successful sequel which it will most definitely be.

There will be several costumes that are licensed directly from the movie this year. Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp will be the most popular costume from the movie. This costume has many different accessories that can go with the costume. The other two costumes which will do well from the movie this year are the Elizabeth Swann costume and the Davey Jones costume. The Davey Jones costume has a great mask you can add to it. These Pirate Costumes will be very popular with children and adults this year.

Alot of people will want to be pirates or maybe pirate wenches this year but not necessarily taken directly from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. That is what makes this category so wonderful for the people who want to wear Pirate Costumes this year. If you want to be Spiderman you have to be the real Spiderman. With Pirates you can be a character directly from the movie or you can buy a generic Pirate Costume and turn it into your own swashbuckling character.

At Newyorkcostumes.com we carry tons of Pirate Costumes and Pirate Accessories to make your own statement and be whatever pirate you wish to be. For the men you can chose from the Caribbean Pirate Costume, Captain Jack Sparrow costume or the SWASHBUCKLER costume to name a few. The women can be a PIRATE QUEEN, PIRATE LADY or an Elegant Pirate Lady. There are several other pirate costumes to chose from. You can be sexy, authoratative, or just plain dirty as a pirate. It is one of the most versatile halloween characters to be because of its wide range of emotions that it evokes. For the kids you can be a MIGHTY PIRATE, Pretty Pirate, or a HIP PUNK PIRATE. Remember you can't be a pirate without your PIRATE SWORD WITH EYEPATCH or your other Pirate Accessories.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is destined to be a summer blockbuster. With this movie and it's prequel we have seen a drastic upturn in the pirate costume category. Hopefully there will be more movies like this to advance the Pirate Costume category in the future because it is one of the best costumes to wear and accessorize to make your own.

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