August 19, 2008

Get Wiggy With It

Instead of spending hours working on your hair, you need to chose a costume wig that will fit your costume and your personality and leave the hairspray and temporary dye at home.

So how do you chose the perfect costume wig this Halloween? Well, you could take your costume into consideration or you could just throw caution to the wind and go with what you know.

So, to help you capture your true essence this Halloween, we've decided to show you how to chose the perfect costume wig based on your personality. Just take our "Gettin' Wiggy With It Quiz" and you'll be on your way to a perfectly personalized do in no time.

Are you an exhibitionist? Do you enjoy dancing for strangers just to earn a few bucks for cigarettes and beer? If so, you need the Showgirls Wig. The Showgirls Wig will make you a major-money-maker at this year's costume ball.

Do you enjoy singing slow songs that make it easy for you to hide your British accent? And do you make so much money that you have nothing better to do than stand around while screaming girls fall at your feet? If so, you need the 60's Mod Wig. The 60's Mod Wig will make everyone "Love you, yeah, yeah, yeah."

Do you enjoy riding around in your Trans-Am and kicking it with the fellas at the skating rink? Do you find it easy to score chicks when you show them your Poison tat? If so, you need the 80's Glam Wig. The 80's Glam Wig is sure to help you kick it old school.

Do you love big hair that's natural and unyielding? Do you find that you can disco dance better when the ends of your hair stand eighteen inches from your head? If so, you need the 1970's Afro Wig. The 1970's Afro Wig is sure to make you a ladies man when you couple it with your groovy new platform shoes.

Do you enjoy saying outlandish things just to shock the world. Do you enjoy wearing your hair
long and stringy to detract from your ugly mug? If so, you need the Howard Wig. The Howard Wig is sure to make you the "talk" of the town this Halloween.

Do you like rainbows? Do you look for an excuse to get a tight perm every chance you get? Then you need the Rainbow Clown Wig. The Rainbow Clown Wig will allow you to clown around and frighten innocent children for no good reason.

Do you like your music loud and indiscernible? Do you enjoy the occasional drug-induced demolition of innocent hotel rooms? Then you need the Heavy Metal Wig. The Heavy Metal Wig will give you luscious locks that would make any 1980's hair band drool.

So, have you found your perfect personality wig yet? If not, stop by to find the perfect costume wig and express yourself in style this Halloween.