August 6, 2008

Hilarious Halloween Attire

Whether you're looking for a hysterically funny Halloween costume or if you just want a little something to encourage a few chuckles, has answered the call.

With thousands of high-quality Halloween costumes available, you're sure to find just what you need to tickle your funny bone at

For the sake of simplicity, we've taken the liberty of showcasing our funniest Halloween costumes in two sections; the Modestly Mild and the Wickedly Wild. If by some crazy freak-of- nature chance you don't find what you're looking for here, you can find thousands upon thousands of other great costumes at

Modestly Mild

Super-size this Halloween when you wear the Super-Sized Afro. Just because the 70's are over, it doesn't mean that the Afro isn't a fashionable hairstyle. In fact, you may even start a new fashion trend when you couple your new Afro with a pair of mirrored shades and groovy platform shoes.

No one will bat an eye if you make fart sounds all night long when you dress in the Whoopie Cushion Halloween Costume. This awesome costume is sure to gain you a spot in the Halloween costume hall of fame.

Show off your freshness when you wear the Wonder Bread Costume. Carry a toaster and a bottle of jam for added effect or spend the night mingling with the ketchup and mustard bottles. Either way, you'll be the best thing since sliced bread.

Don't put up with any lip from your friends, make them talk to the hand when you wear the Talk to the Hand Halloween Costume. This costume also works great for copping a cheap feel because you really are all hands.

Make the love you have for your spouse apparent to everyone when the two of you show up at the party dressed in the Ball and Chain Couple's Costume. Don't worry about picking the lock, it takes a lot of cash and at least two lawyers to break these chains.

Wickedly Wild

You know you just can't get enough of those shamelessly blatant, in-your-face costumes that would make even an adult film star blush and can't, either.

Let everyone know that you err on the side of safety when you show up dressed as a condom to this year's Halloween party. Make it a couple's night when you ask a friend to dress in a sperm costume and you'll win instant acclaim as the Halloween Costume Master.

Show everyone how it's done on the farm when you show up wearing the hilariously hideous Country Lovin' Halloween Costume. This costume depicts a rather naughty farmer getting more than a little intimate with his livestock. Farmers all over the country are sure to take offense to this side-splitting costume.

If your figure could use a bit of improvement, don't spend thousands of dollars on dangerous cosmetic surgery, dirty gym socks, or flimsy water balloons. Instead, opt for a Halloween costume that gives you added fluff where you need it; when you need it. The Boobs and Booty Set will improve your physique in seconds and give you a sexy body that will make others envious.

Show off your powers of deduction when you dress in the No $#!% Sherlock Halloween Costume. You know you hate it when others state the blatantly obvious in an attempt to sound intelligent. Why not show them how you feel and encourage them to keep their pointless remarks to themselves?

Pay homage to aging strippers everywhere when you wear the Tassel Twirling Tessie Halloween Costume. Poor Tessie's been working hard and gravity has taken it's toll on her aging body. Couple her failing physique with her bad hair and you've got a dancer who can barely afford the gas to get to work. Either way, she deserves respect and you can pay tribute to her by dressing just like her this year.