August 6, 2008

Pay Homage to Your Favorite Celebrities This Halloween

With new Halloween costumes hitting online costume shop shelves every day, you may have a difficult time choosing the right costume to help you express yourself this year. If you’re ready for the latest trend in Halloween attire, you need to check out the incredible selection of celebrity inspired Halloween costumes on

Hey, Ya’ll, you know you want to poke fun of Britney this year as only you can. That poor girl is finally getting her life straightened out; but not before Halloween costume manufacturers could cash-in on her wild antics. If you’re ready to jump on the Britney Bashing Bandwagon, you need the Oops, I Ate It Again Adult Halloween Costume. This not-so-sexy adult costume pays homage to Britney’s fluffier physique from last year.

You won’t recognize the Man in the Mirror while sporting the Wacko Jacko Halloween Mask. Pay a couple of kids to follow you around in veils and fedoras and you’ve got the makings for a great Halloween.

Grab your shotgun and take a few of your best friends quail hunting in the Dick Cheney Political Character Mask. Afterwards, you can go into hiding for a few weeks and reemerge when everyone has forgotten about it.

Change your name from something nerdy to something trendy just by using your initials and know that it’s all okay because you’re a celebrity when you wear the White Rapper Famous Faces Mask. Don’t worry about being the only decent Caucasian rapper in the world because you paid your dues on the tough streets of upper-middle-class suburban Detroit.

Whatever your celebrity Halloween costume preferences, has everything you need to make this Halloween a big hit. From sexy to scary and everything in between, is your one-stop-shop for everything Halloween.