August 6, 2008

The Sexiest Women's Costumes of the Season

If you're ready to take advantage of your favorite holiday and make a bold statement that will leave others drooling, you'll need to check out the sexiest costumes of the season. From tame fairytale characters to down-and-dirty naughty girls, women's Halloween costumes are getting sexier by the season and as always, you'll have to see them to believe them.

Luckily, you don't have to wait any longer. Below you will find some of the wildest, most arousing Halloween costumes on the market. Regardless of the shape or size of your body, these ultra-sexy costumes were designed to make you look great this Halloween.

(Warning Guys: clicking the links below may cause severe perspiration, rapid heartbeat, excessive drooling, numbness of the lower extremities, and the inability to remove your eyes from the screen. You have been warned.)

1. 3 Piece Vinyl Chaps: Ladies this extremely sexy costume is sure to get you arrested if you even think of wearing it in public. But don't despair. This wild cowgirl costume is sure to become a big hit in the bedroom and on the stage.

2. 5 Piece Sexy Cop: Become a dirty cop and prepare to break all the rules when you wear this lawlessly naughty little number. This sexy police officer costume comes complete with a baton and handcuffs (and you'll probably get to use them before the night is over).

3. Gangsta Lady : Even a real mafia princess will have nothing on you when you wear this provocative gangster costume.

4. Sexy Firewoman : You'll be setting off fire alarms all over the city when you wear this luscious firefighter's costume. Prepare to battle 4 alarm blazes and drooling guys all night long.

5. Scandalous Pirate : You'll be the one surrendering the booty in this beautiful pirate costume. Just be sure to keep a close eye on your treasure chest while wearing this one.

6. Teacher's Pet : Show off your beauty and your brains with this spicy schoolgirl costume. Who knew being the teacher's pet could be so much fun?

7. Cherry Pie : Prove to everyone that you can be sweet and sexy at the same time with this delicious Halloween costume.

8. Cupless, Crotchless Halloween Costume : Prepare to stay in bed until Christmas when you wear this barely-there costume.

9. Genie in A Bottle : No need to rub this genie's bottle too hard to get her ready for a wild night.

10. Head Nurse Sexy Costume : Show 'em your bedside manner and prepare to restart a few hearts when you show up wearing this naughty nurse costume.

11. Magician : Even if your slight-of-hand is less than impressive, no one will notice when you wear this magnificent magician's costume. Pull a rabbit out of your hat, saw someone in half, or just stand there and watch the sparks fly when everyone sees you!

12. Little Red Riding Hood : No one will give a flying flip about Grandma when they see you in this sexy costume.

13. Sexy Bunny : Expect a call from Hef when you show your softer side in this beautiful bunny suit.

14. Racy Referee : You'll be the one calling the shots and throwing the game in this raunchy referee Halloween costume.

15. Lucky Charms : Everyone will want to know what's at the end the rainbow when you show off your lucky charms in this incredible costume.

Kind of makes you wonder what next season will bring, doesn't it?