August 7, 2008

Throw a Killer Costume Party

Theme parties are becoming popular all over the country. From superhero theme parties to TV character costume parties, everyone is taking advantage of the vast array of Halloween costumes on the market to help them express themselves.

The choices are virtually endless when it comes to Halloween costumes and many feel that organized theme parties are the only way to celebrate. So, while you may be thinking along the lines of a sexy costume party or a funny costume party, we’re going to challenge you to think outside the box this year.

Why not throw a killer Halloween party this year and pay homage to the most prolific big screen murderers of all time? Encourage your friends to come to your “killer” party dressed as their favorite on-screen, blood-thirsty bad boy.

A multitude of costumes are available this year to help you and your friends plan the perfect Halloween party. From 80’s slasher films like Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street, to jump-out-of-your-seat modern thrillers, there are costumes to suit any horror or action movie lover’s taste.

“Nooormaaan!” You know you still hate to shower alone after watching Alfred Hitchcock’s intense psychological thriller, “Psycho”. While Norman Bates was a seemingly normal Mamma’s boy, he held a dark secret; he was a transvestite who enjoyed a good blood bath every now and then. Now you can step into the role of “Mother” when you wear the Psycho Mother dress and wig set. Add a larger-than-life butcher knife and you have the makings for an intense shower scene.

“Say ‘hello’ to my little friend.” If you’re thinking you want something more along the lines of a sexy Cuban this year, forget about Ricky Ricardo and opt for the sexy bad-boy that Al Pacino made famous in “Scarface”. Grab a machine gun and prepare to become the hottest Cuban drug lord in southern Florida.

“Do you like scary movies?” You would have to in order to wear the Scream Horror Movie Costume. Grab your cell phone, a crafty voice changer, and a butcher knife and prepare to track down the people who’ve made you miserable.

Become one of the hottest cannibals of all time when you wear the Leatherface Butcher Costume. Those kids should have known not to drive by your place in that rusty old VW van. You were only doing what you do best and now you have an awesome lampshade to show for it.

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