August 28, 2008

Which Political Character Are You?

Barack has won the nomination of the Democratic Party and already the bashing ad campaigns have begun. As Election Day draws near, we’ll begin seeing more lawn signs, t-shirts, buttons, flags, and posters in the hopes of swaying votes toward McCain and Obama.

Whether you’re a die-hard Obama fan or a no-holds-barred McCain fan, you can show your support for your favorite presidential candidate this year with a cool Political Character Mask. Influence votes, confuse the media and risk excruciating physical harm all for the sheer fun of it this Halloween.

Not sure which candidate best represents your personality? Are you not impressed with either candidate but want to join in on the political party pleasure anyway? No problem! We’re here to help. Just take the “Which Political Character Are You?” quiz to find out which government leader you can identify with.

1. Do you love the limelight? Do you impress people with your charming smile? Do you construct your sentences to sound like Captain Kirk? Then you may identify with presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama. He’s an American guy with a foreign sounding name but the media loves him and you’ll be loved too in the Obama Political Character Mask.

2. Are you a highly honored veteran? Do you believe in fighting for your country regardless of the cost involved? Are you old enough to remember when Moses parted the Red Sea? Then you may identify with Senator John McCain. He’s old, wealthy, and remarkably confused but Republicans love him and you can emulate him with the McCain Political Character Mask.

3. Do you enjoy a good quail hunt? Are you rarely seen in public and even less likely to be discussed in conversation? Do you suffer heart attacks on a weekly basis? If so, you may identify with Vice President Dick Cheney. He’s old, clumsy, and living on borrowed time and no one really likes him but everyone will love you in the Dick Cheney Political Character Mask.

4. Have you singlehandedly managed to alienate almost everyone in the country? Are you pleased with yourself every time you say something even remotely intelligent? Is fighting your solution for everything? If so, you may identify with President George Bush. His popularity soars and plummets with the stock market and he’s a few apples short of a bushel, but some really like him and you can emulate him in the George Bush Political Character Mask.

5. Are you a real go-getter? Are you willing to forgive and forget your spouse’s indiscretions despite the public humiliation and grief you’ve suffered? Do you look great in a pantsuit? Then you may identify with Senator Hillary Clinton. She’s direct, forceful, and willing to tell you exactly what you want to hear and many people love her. Emulate her this year in the Hillary Clinton Political Character Mask.

So get out there and support your local government, kiss babies, and have sit-down dinners with the elderly—your country is counting on you!

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