September 12, 2008

The Top Ten Halloween Novelties of All Time

Halloween isn't just about dressing up and collecting treats. It's the one night of the year when it's perfectly normal to carry eggs and toilet paper on your person in the hopes of using them up before the night is over.

But if you're too young to partake in Halloween vandalism or if you're hoping to relive the fun you had as a kid and you want something cool to torment your friends and family at this year's party without causing them too much stress, you're in luck. presents the coolest gags and novelties of all time for your viewing and tormenting pleasure. Check them out by clicking the links below!

10. No Tear Toilet Paper: There's just nothing worse than being "indisposed" with a roll of toilet paper that you just don't have the strength to tear. (Don't ask us how we know this, we just do.) This cool novelty won't tear no matter how much your embarrassed and frustrated friends try. Pull, tug, sweat, grunt, and pop a gut, but it's just no use.

9. Bloody Razor: Scare the crap out of Grandma when you use our novelty razor to slice through your skin (just be sure to leave the No Tear Toilet Paper in the bathroom before you do.) This cool novelty features a liquid-filled bulb that will spurt red liquid onto your skin as you "slice" your way to the bone.

8. Dog Doo: Ah, what could be more refreshing and exhilarating than freaking everyone out with fake dog poo? Place in beside the toilet, in the refrigerator, or in the neighbor's swimming pool. Either way, make the most of the poo!

7. Puff Puff Cigarette: Imagine the look on Mom's face when her 12-year-old comes in "smoking" a cigarette. This fake cigarette is realistic in appearance and features fake smoke to get you into all kinds of trouble this Halloween.

6. Shock Pen: Keep this cool gag handy for anyone needing a pen. When the pen is clicked, it shocks whoever is holding it. Not recommended for persons with health conditions or the elderly but it's hilarious for everyone else!

5. Hot Pops: Treat your friends to something yummy this Halloween. Just be prepared to run when they actually put these ultra-hot lollipops in their mouths. Spice up the evening and seek delicious revenge at the same time!

4. Money Snatcher: Who can resist picking up cold, hard cash from the floor? Imagine the frustration they'll experience when your younger siblings can't quite grab that dough!

3. Hand Buzzer: An old classic is still a gag favorite. Simply place the buzzer in your hand and shake hands with everyone you meet!

2. Fake Vomit: Sprinkle this cool gag with water for a more realistic effect and place it in the car, on the toilet, or on your clothes for a gross surprise!

And finally, the coolest cheap thrill of all time:

1. The Remote Controlled Fart Machine: Featured on The Howard Stern Show, this cool noise maker emits five realistic fart sounds and is activated by remote control. Works up to 50 feet away and through walls to torment your more modest guests!

And there you have it. The hilarious novelty toys that you used to pick up at local carnivals and from the back of comic books are now at Your parents despised them, your grandma was appalled by them, and your children will love them!

Are these gags a little too tame for your tormenting pleasure? No problem! carries a wide array of decorations, props, and gags that are sure to tickle your fancy this Halloween.

So, what are you waiting for? Halloween is just around the corner and the coolest novelties are only a click away!

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