May 22, 2009

Halloween Adventure and New York Costumes

New York Costumes is the block-long costume store in the East Village of Manhattan (at 104 4th Ave). Location-wise, we are 11th street, if 11th street continued on through our block. But instead of 11th street joining 4th Ave and Broadway, we do.

Most local New York City costume community people know us as "Halloween Adventure," and they then wonder where the "New York Costumes" element fits in. New York Costumes is our subtitle to differentiate us from other Halloween Adventure stores, such as our sister store in Times Square, Masquerade Costumes (311 W 43rd street).

When you see "New York Costumes," you can know that that refers to NYC's original Halloween Adventure store in the East Village, going strong for over 20 years.


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