May 15, 2009

Wolfe Face Art & FX -- new in stock!

New in at New York Costumes / Halloween Adventure in the East Village are several fine make-up products from Wolfe Face Art & FX. Wolfe FX is "known for its unique products and cutting-edge application techniques" (cited from Wolfe FX website).

This entry will cover two new types of Wolfe FX products we have in stock: the Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup Appetizer palettes and the FX Silicone prosthetic material.

We at New York Costumes, now have several types of the Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup Appetizer palettes:

Essentials: white, black, lt brown, brown, red, pink, orange, yellow, lt green, green, dark, green, sea green, lt blue, blue, dark blue, and purple;

Metallix: gold, silver, metallic white, metallic red, metallic orange, metallic yellow, metallic green, metallic

Neon: clear white, neon magenta, neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue, neon purple

Flesh/Skin: 6 skin tones

Also in stock is the FX Silicone prosthetic material. Wolfe FX reports that this product is a medically safe silicone prosthetic material that is composed of platinum silicone. It cures in less than 5 minutes and can be painted with "almost anything." It can be removed, cleaned, and reused for reapplication. It can be cast in almost any mold. And it will not break down.

Visit us at 104 4th Ave in New York City to see our new Wolfe FX products with your own two eyes. Our make-up department sales representatives would be more than pleased to tell you all about their enthusiasm for the silicone FX material!