June 30, 2009

Fashion-conscious Francis takes a swing through Halloween Adventure's New York Costumes store in the East Village, NYC. He talks with floor staff and his viewers about what he would wear to a creative "Opulence" theme party.

Watch in High Quality mode to get a good look at all of the goodies in the background.

New York Costumes / Halloween Adventure in the East Village, NYC

June 16, 2009

New Halo 3 Master Chief Helmets and Costumes

We took a swing through our New York Costumes store today and asked our floor staff to show show off one of the newest costume items. This is what they had to share:

The Halo 3 "Supreme Edition" Master Chief full suit and helmet. This is a full head helmet and armor-like suit. A hardcore costume item.

From there, we looked at several other Halo 3 Master Chief items:

The Master Chief Simple Helmet (front piece only)
The Master Chief Simple Costume (soft material)
The Master Chief Deluxe Helmet (front and back pieces)
The Master Chief Deluxe Helmet with working "searchlights"

Our New York Costumes sales staff was very enthusiastic about the new Halo 3 Master Chief costume arrivals. We snapped some pictures and have posted them to our New York Costumes / Halloween Adventure gallery on Facebook: Our Facebook Halo 3 Master Chief photos

These Halo 3 items are currently only available in our physical store. They are not yet listed in our online store.

Enjoy. And visit us in the East Village at...

New York Costumes / Halloween Adventure
104 4th Ave
808 Broadway
New York City, NY

June 10, 2009

Mermaid Parade Sea Critter Overload

The Mermaid Parade is coming to Coney Island on June 20, 2009. We of New York Costumes fully encourage boisterous and colorful celebration for this huge annual sea-themed event.

We just received a massive shipment of plastic sea critters, crabs, plastic seagulls, lobsters, and other crustaceans all of which will be splendid accessories for Mermaid Parade outfits, floats, and revelry.

In addition to our plastic sea creatures, we've got lobster hats, lobster puppets, Hawaiian style leis, costume tridents, plastic starfish, fancy fish, realistic -looking fish, strings of plastic muscle shells, and bendable octopus props.

All of these new items can be found in our store at 104 4th Ave in New York City. We are working feverishly to upload everything as well to our Mermaid Parade item section on our online costume store at www.newyorkcostumes.com.