August 28, 2009

Roarin' Twenties for Tots! Get it in NYC

Who said kids can’t appreciate the beauty and decadence of the twenties? We’ve got a slew of costumes to turn your little princes and princesses into mavens and mavericks of the 1920s era.
Lovely ladies will love our Sassy Flapper Children’s Costume. The costume includes: purple satin dress trimmed with sequin and fringe, and a headband with feather. This one goes perfectly with a girl who has plenty of attitude and a wide smile.
We also have a Flapper Child Costume in Black.Costume includes a knee length black dress covered in fringe, as well as a black headband with attached feather. It’s sassy and sweet!
If you want a whole family of flappers, check out our Flapper Toddler Costume. This one fits girls from two to four years old, and features an adorable red dress with fringed skirt, as well as a gold headband with a red flower.
We even have a flapper costume for babies! Our Flapper Infant costume is merely a smaller version of our toddler costume, with the same decadent red and gold color scheme and a whole lot of fringe. Absolutely adorable!
Boys can rock our Lil’ Gangster Child Costume. Includes: Jacket, pants, EVA hat and dickie with tie. With black and white stripes on the jacket, and a classy white tie, this getup spells grownup!

August 21, 2009

Get Your Gothic Goddess Costumes Here in New York!

The Goths. You know, those kids in high school who wore all black and probably had a lot of piercings and listened to music so loud you could swear it would break their eardrums into millions of tiny electrified pieces. Well, this Halloween, pay them some homage. They were different. They were badass. They had attitude. Halloween Adventures has costumes for every type of Goth enthusiast, from those who just want a tiny bit of sass to those who want to paint it black.
Men will love our Gothic Count Costume. This outfit includes a totally bad oversized black velvet hooded cloak reminiscent of vampires and ghouls with silver medallions. Paint your face white, pile on the black eyeliner, maybe even go crazy with some black lipstick and you’ve got yourself one Gothic costume.
Ladies will rock our Gothic Girlie Adult Costume. This outfit includes a sassy sheer black dress and fabulous hair scrunchies. Put your hair into pigtails, or if you’ve got short hair, snag one of our Witch Wigs to complete the look.
Go back to high school (no, we don’t mean like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed) in our Gothic High Prom Queen Costume. This costume includes a Black dress with Red dots, winner sash, fishnet-stocking gloves, woven tiara and skull scepter. Winner sash differs from shown. Sash reads "Hell High Prom Queen.”
Go all the way with our Gothic Lace Vampiress Adult Costume. Costume includes: Long Black gown with stand up gothic collar & choker, Burgundy gothic lace sleeves with tassels and tassel tie belt. This costume looks great with a large amount of black eyeliner as well as some black lipstick.
Those who love the vampire look will also adore our Gothic Maiden Plus Size Costume. This gothic maiden includes a black velveteen hooded dress with burgundy lace sleeves and hood, and a rope waist tie. This dress is big, bad and beautiful!
Those who still want some sexy with their Goth should snag our Graveyard Fairy Adult Costume. With contrasting colors black and pink as its base, this costume includes a short skirt with jagged hemline, lace-up bodice, pair of striped glovettes and a single set of detachable wings. This costumes as hot as it is dark.

Get your Puppy Costumes at New York Costumes!

Generally, when it comes to Halloween, people get to have all the fun! And when you think about it, your favorite four-legged friend is a member of the family; why not let them join in this Halloween? That’s right, we want you to pimp your dog! No, we don’t mean peddle it on the street. We mean dress it up!
Honor the troops with our Pet Army Costume. Your pup will be a guaranteed USA stud in this getup. Just don’t be surprised if you lose him in the bushes; camouflage gear can be quite tricky!
If you’re one of those people who saw The Dark Knight ten times, you’ll definitely love our Batman Dark Knight Costume. Just make sure your dog doesn’t run into any Batman imposters around the neighborhood, or he’ll have to show them who’s boss!
Ahoy, matey! Pirate Dog here! This fabulous getup includes robe with imprinted skull & cross-bones, attached pleather belt, coordinating headpiece, and four paw covers. Yo ho ho!
Got a dog you swear could pass for food? Just kidding! But if you’ve got a hot dog, you’re going to have to check out our Hot Dog Costume. This one guarantees laughs from the neighbors. This great hot dog pet costume has "hot dog" on top with mustard, relish and onion details, and "buns" on the sides with the words "Hot Dog".
Fire dog to the rescue! Got a dog that’s always saving the day? Reward him with this K-9 Fire Rescue Dog Costume. With shiny red and yellow coat and a dog-sized fire hat, this costume features attached costume arms and a whole lot of pizzazz! Hello, 911? This doggie’s on fire!
Here comes the bride, all dressed in white….but she’s a puppy! Our Bride Dog Costume includes a white wedding dress and veil with attached character arms. It’s beyond adorable! Just don’t forget to include something borrowed and something blue!
For more inspired pet costumes, visit!

August 14, 2009

Transform Yourself into a Greek Goddess!

At your local Halloween Adventure store, you'll be sure to find a variety of personas you can take on - maybe you're looking for Ariel, maybe it's Cinderella, and maybe it's a Greek Goddess. Hey, why not go all out on Halloween? That's what the holiday is for!

This year, don’t just throw on an old sheet and call it a day. The Greek Gods command (and deserve) more! Thankfully, Halloween Adventures has a variety of costumes to help you replicate the looks of those highly admired Greek Gods and Goddesses.
Turn yourself into the Goddess of Love with our Aphrodite Adult Costume. This is even better than cupid. It’s the real thing. Aphrodite- Goddess of Love costume includes a dress with attached ties, cape, and rose headpiece.
If Aphrodite isn’t your steez, try our Athenian Goddess Adult Costume. This costume is fit for a queen, no, MADE for a queen. Try it on and feel your status automatically rise to something otherworldly. Includes a beautiful crushed velvet dress with attached veils and gold trim and matching headpiece.
Ah, Atlantis. No, we’re not referring to the island city in the Bahamas. We’re thinking of the real Atlantis, the queen! Our Atlantis Queen Adult Costume is absolutely gorgeous! This elegant costume includes a gold accented cream-colored dress that fades to a beautiful blue, with attached shoulder drapes, waist tie cord and gold head wreath.
If you feel like you can’t pick a favorite, try our Greek Goddess Adult Costume. No one’s feelings will be hurt, cause you’ll technically be representing them all! This Greek Goddess costume includes a full length Chiffon trimmed gown with gold Greek-key embellishment; gold leaf tiara; and a coin necklace.
Men will love our Hercules Greek Mythology Costume. Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! The women will be begging for you in this great costume that includes a polyester tunic, vinyl body armor with attached polyester cape, arm bands, cuffs, leg guards and headpiece.
For more costume ideas, visit Halloween Adventures’ online catalog!

Check out our makeup selection!

At Halloween Adventure's store in Lower Manhattan, as well as online, we've got a wide variety of makeup options to take your costume from drab to fab. Make yourself into a believable zombie, create wounds that don't exist. You name it, we can help you create it!

This Halloween, no costume is complete without the right makeup. In this two part series, we’ll show you what makeup can be used for what costume, and how to apply it.
If you plan on being a vampire, a wolf, a zombie, or anything that might require some blood, you have to have our Blood Gel.Blood Gel is a deep red syrup-based blood that never dries, giving the look of oozing, wet, thick blood. Washes off easily with soap and water. Apply with a paint brush, Q-tip, or your finger.
No clown costume is complete without a full out face of makeup. Sure, that red nose is important, but the white face and special designs are the most important part! Our Bozo Makeup Kit is the easiest way to get all the makeup you’d need for a clown costume in one place. Make-Up kit includes large tube of white cream make-up, six mulitcolor crayons (white, red, black, blue, green and yellow) and one applicator sponge. Use the sponge to cover the entirety of your face white, then use the crayons to draw fun shapes atop the white. Also check out another clown kit here.
Joining the army for one night only? The best soldiers know you can’t blend in without some camo. Our Camouflage Makeup Kit, This E-Z Character FX makeup kit includes: Two white sponges, Mini shaker of powder, Mini puff, Small flat brush, and Black, wolf brown and green make-up. Use the kit to paint stripes of green and brown that extend across your entire face!
Another must have is our Colored Liquid Body Latex Paint. Use colored liquid latex to create exotic, dazzling and durable fantasy designs. Colored Liquid Body Latex is bold and rich with color and has excellent elastic properties allowing for ease of movement and comfort. Once applied, these fantasy designs can walk, dance, and even swim with you so long as they don’t get heavy friction. To remove, simply scratch loose an edge and peel off.
Have to fake an injury? It’s easy with our Ex Fx Injury Kit. Kit includes blood gel for the cut, a white makeup sponge to fake that pale look you get when you’re hurt, a black stipple sponge for the blood gel and an ‘injury stack’ with four colors to fake it well!
Any fairy costume isn’t complete without a TON of glitter. Thankfully, our Face Painting Glitter comes in 8 different colors! Available in the following colors: Opalescent, Silver, Gold, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Purple. Perfect for showing team spirit at your next sporting event or putting a finishing touch on your Halloween costume. Pick up a stick in every color and let your imagination go wild!

August 7, 2009

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