August 7, 2009

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  1. is getting set for impact. Yes, Halloween is JUST around the corner!
  2. @gothicrenaissan Welcome to twitter, neighbor!
  3. Time to visit the goth store!
  4. Follow our toy dog as he makes his way thru the store on a muggy July day. It's zany, it's silly, it's cute to boot.
  5. Check this video out -- Adventures of Laughing Dog - Hysterical!
  6. Yay, the Laughing Dog DOES turn a gray day into a happy day. Stay tuned!
  7. Ack! The return of rain to NYC. And yesterday was so lovely and hot!
  8. Also check out our Times Square area store. Follow them here @masqueradenyc
  9. LED Lightstick, Flashlight... and whistle?! Yes, it is!http://blog.newyorkcostumes...
  10. Check this video out -- Best DIY Halloween Costumes on Youtube!