August 21, 2009

Get Your Gothic Goddess Costumes Here in New York!

The Goths. You know, those kids in high school who wore all black and probably had a lot of piercings and listened to music so loud you could swear it would break their eardrums into millions of tiny electrified pieces. Well, this Halloween, pay them some homage. They were different. They were badass. They had attitude. Halloween Adventures has costumes for every type of Goth enthusiast, from those who just want a tiny bit of sass to those who want to paint it black.
Men will love our Gothic Count Costume. This outfit includes a totally bad oversized black velvet hooded cloak reminiscent of vampires and ghouls with silver medallions. Paint your face white, pile on the black eyeliner, maybe even go crazy with some black lipstick and you’ve got yourself one Gothic costume.
Ladies will rock our Gothic Girlie Adult Costume. This outfit includes a sassy sheer black dress and fabulous hair scrunchies. Put your hair into pigtails, or if you’ve got short hair, snag one of our Witch Wigs to complete the look.
Go back to high school (no, we don’t mean like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed) in our Gothic High Prom Queen Costume. This costume includes a Black dress with Red dots, winner sash, fishnet-stocking gloves, woven tiara and skull scepter. Winner sash differs from shown. Sash reads "Hell High Prom Queen.”
Go all the way with our Gothic Lace Vampiress Adult Costume. Costume includes: Long Black gown with stand up gothic collar & choker, Burgundy gothic lace sleeves with tassels and tassel tie belt. This costume looks great with a large amount of black eyeliner as well as some black lipstick.
Those who love the vampire look will also adore our Gothic Maiden Plus Size Costume. This gothic maiden includes a black velveteen hooded dress with burgundy lace sleeves and hood, and a rope waist tie. This dress is big, bad and beautiful!
Those who still want some sexy with their Goth should snag our Graveyard Fairy Adult Costume. With contrasting colors black and pink as its base, this costume includes a short skirt with jagged hemline, lace-up bodice, pair of striped glovettes and a single set of detachable wings. This costumes as hot as it is dark.


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