September 24, 2009

Have a fall full of Adventure! Jack is rewarding everyone who joins the Quest!

Halloween Season has begun, and so has Jack’s Quest for the Best Halloween Adventures. Anyone who is looking to spice up their fall season and win some fabulous prizes need look no further. Jack, the hip, young spokes character from Halloween Adventure, invites Americans to join his Quest and to share their individual Halloween adventures. Whether these adventures involved a child’s first Halloween, a terrifying Haunted House, or even the look of surprise on a boss’ face when he saw an employee clock in to work in a gorilla suit, Jack wants to know about them.

Everyone who joins Jack's Quest, by submitting their stories, pictures, or videos, will be automatically rewarded with a shopping discount and will be eligible to win even more prizes. Everyone can help Jack choose winning entries by voting on the adventures; anybody can become a judge in this Quest. And because Jack is taking the Quest seriously, he is giving out over 100 prizes to the top ranked adventures chosen by YOU!

Ready to join Jack's Quest? Log on to the Jack's Quest website ( to enter your adventurous stories, pictures, or videos. Claim your award for joining and post a "Vote for me button" on your blog, MySpace page, or FaceBook profile to attract people's attention and gather support for your adventure! But hurry, Jack's Quest begins September 25th and ends October 25th 2009. You don't want to miss the start! The contest will reset on November 5th, 2009, when it opens to submissions for the 2010 contest. For complete list of prizes and rules, visit Jacks Quest at!

September 23, 2009

NYC Zombie Crawl presents ZOMBIELAND - Free screening and craw... - NYC Zombie Crawl's MySpace Blog |

NYC Zombie Crawl presents ZOMBIELAND - Free screening and craw... - NYC Zombie Crawl's MySpace Blog |

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September 9, 2009

Get Your Period Costumes in NYC!

Get Your Period Costumes in NYC!

Why turn to modern day heroes when it come to your costumes? How about going back in time and celebrating the figures and folks who've made our world what it is today?
Let’s do the Time Warp Again: Costumes from all ages!
This Halloween, try something different! Instead of playing a character, play an age! You’ve been Sexy French Maid and Wonder Woman, Fairy Queen and Wicked Witch of the West. Maybe it’s time to step out of those thickly drawn lines and try something a bit more experimental.
Might as well face it you’re addicted to love: the 80s may not have been that long ago, but they had styles like no other decade. Maybe you’ll rock the side ponytail and the wacky makeup; maybe shoulder pads will be your thing. Maybe you have a leotard you’ve been dying to wear to work. Well, work might not be an appropriate venue, but Halloween is coming! If you’re looking to love the 80s hair on Halloween night, check out our 80s offerings.
Hippie Hippie Shake Shake: Peace, love and rock and roll man! You’ve always wished you could live in the 60s. Might as well live out that dream for a night. While we know the 60s was all about free love and a little bit of nudity, we’d recommend you keep your clothes on for Halloween night. Wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself. We’ve got plenty of accoutrements to keep your sassy sixties-self happy, from peace sign necklaces to bell-bottoms and tie-dye. Let your inner hippie shake shake shake the night away!
Way back when: Perhaps you’re feeling goddess like. Athena’s calling to you. You’ve been getting a bit sick of this world and are thinking of taking a trip backwards to the Grecian era when all was beautiful and togas were the name of the game. If so, check out our Grecian Princess costume.
1920s glamazon: Maybe flapper girl is the look of the evening. If you’re feeling glamour gal, check out our selection of 1930s costumes. Look no further than our flapper girl series. You’ll never want to go back to the year 2000.
With all these ideas, you’re certain to rock the ages this Halloween. Get into character and imagine yourself into a different time. There’s no time like the present to “do the time warp again!”

September 4, 2009

Animal Costumes at HA NYC!

This Halloween, pay homage to the other half of our species. No, we don’t mean men; we mean animals! Some we think of as pets, some we see in zoos, some we see as food, but let’s face it, all of them make great costumes!
Buggin’ out? Women can rock our Lady Bug Adult Classic Costume. This costume is as adorable as can be, with a short red mini dress with black spots, black and red wings and a little hat with antennae. It even comes with black gloves!
Go sexy with our Peacock Animal Costume. This costume includes a fabulous striped dress with blues, greens and gold. It comes with a giant peacock tail that fans out behind you, and a feathered headpiece. Peacocks aren’t a usual costume choice, so you can be sure you’ll be the only girl around with this baby on!
Men and women alike can rock our Penguin Adult Costume. This costume is funny and cute at the same time. Grab a bunch of them and make like March of the Penguins! Another funny option (though along a different vein) is our Pigs in a Blanket Adult Costume. If penguins aren’t your thing, maybe pigs are! Oink oink!
Teens can rock our Cat’s Meow Teen Costume. Costume includes a full out spotted body suit with attached tail, a headband with adorable ears and glovelets. Meeeowww, girl!
Make some moooo-sic with our Comical Cow Costume. Costume includes black & white cow print jumpsuit, headpiece with attached horns & ears and of course the udder. It’s sure to get some laughs out of even the most sour of partygoers.
Get things buzzin’ in our Fly Girl Adult Costume. This one’s got a double meaning, giving a shout out to old school Fly Girls like JLO and a shout out to our least favorite bugs. Flies might not be well liked, but you will be, because this costume is great! It includes a black dress with blue “FLY GIRL” writing, realistic looking wings, and a little hat with antennae. Buzz buzz buzz!
For more animal costumes, visit Halloween Adventures!

Get Your Fairy Costumes in NYC!

In female-land, Halloween is the only day of the year on which you can dress however you'd like and no one can say a thing. It might not be right, it might not be a redeeming female thought, but hey, it’s the truth, so you might as well embrace it and enjoy! After all, who doesn’t want to just go a little crazy every once and a while?
What better way to take on sexy than to go the sexy fairy tale route? We’ll start with the Black Fairy Velvet Costume, a confection complete with belt, shoulder pieces and wings. Who said fairies have to be all sugar and no spice? This costume allows you to be as bad as you’d like to be as you dance through the music of the night. Take it one step further and add some sass with our long black wig.
If black’s a bit too dark for you, try our Night Bloom Fairy Costume. This purple getup comes complete with sheer purple wings with glitter accents, as well as a matching choker, hair scrunchie and purple shimmer belt. It’s sexy with just a dash of sweet and plenty of mystery.
If you want to go totally girly, you’ve got to get your hands on our Pink Sexy Fairy costume! This outfit is pink prissy perfection! A brocade and panne dress with devours inserts and matching sleeves, it’s a cross between Good Witch Glinda and gorgeous ballerina. Comes with pink sheer wings. Up, up and away you go!
For something in between, check out our Twilight Fairy Fantasy Costume. This costume is pretty at its best, a delicate lavender dress with multi-colored sequin trim and matching choker. A delightfully candy-colored confection, it comes with gorgeous sheer wings with pink, white and gold sparkly accents. Sexy, and beautiful!
For more sexy accents, check out our selection of tiaras, wigs, and wings! Decorate your face with our wide range of glitter, colorful, gorgeous makeup!