October 23, 2009

Zombies to invade East Village Halloween Adventure!

ZombieCrawl NYC makes a pit stop at our East Village store during their undead crawling escapades this Sunday. Here's the latest from NYCZombieCrawl leader Doug Sakmann:

Greetings Ghouls!

The day is almost upon us! This Sunday, October 25th Zombies will once again take on Union Square and the Lower East Side! Our main base will be the Beauty Bar NYC (where we’ll begin and end) and we’ll be crawling to Union Square, Whole Foods (for a canned food drive), Halloween Adventure, Astor Place, The Continental and more!

We’re going to be joined by a lot of press, including CBS Sunday Morning & Japanese network Nippon TV and more so we’re asking everyone to come already dressed as their Sunday Zombie Best! We’ll have very limited zombie makeup stations too for those who need to be zombified, but supplies are limited!

Here are all the details…and don’t forget to join us in the Halloween Parade on the 31st!

Very Truly
Doug Sakmann
Zombie Ringleader

Sunday, October 25th – NYC Zombie Crawl 2009 – Starts at 5pm!
This is the official 2009 NYC Zombie Crawl Event for Halloween!
Starting at Beauty Bar - 231 E 14th St - New York, NY 10003 (Btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave) - from 5-6:30pm for the pre-game, zombies will then crawl around the Lower East Side to several bars then come back to the Beauty Bar for an open Domaine de Canton bar from 10-11pm and the Zombie Beauty Pageant!

Since this event is taking place at bars, everyone must be 21+ for this event! Please come as a member of the undead, we will have very limited makeup stations at this crawl. You are invited to bring your own makeup and help zombify yourself and others if you'd like.
We'll be doing a can drive again, zombies feeding the homeless with NYC Food Bank and Halloween Adventure! More info coming soon! And it all leads to:

10pm - 4th Annual Zombie Beauty Pageant at the Beauty Bar NYC
Open Domaine de Canton Bar 10-11p!
Beauty Bar - 231 E 14th St - New York, NY 10003 (Btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave)
Hosted by Michael T (Rated X/Motherfucker) and Doug Sakmann, Zombie Ringleader of the NYC Zombie Crawl

Saturday, October 31st – NYC Zombie Crawl in the Village Halloween Parade
6:30pm – ALL AGES - NYC Zombie Crawl and Plants vs Zombies at the 36th Annual Village Halloween Parade
10pm – 21 + - Rated X Undead Halloween Party at Don Hills with Michael T and Theo!

6:30pm - NYC Zombie Crawl in the Halloween Parade – ALL AGES - We’re teaming with PopCap Games, the creators of the hit video game ‘Plants vs Zombies’ to assemble a throng of plants and zombies to march in the 36th annual NYC Halloween Parade! There will be PvZ give aways and anyone who comes as a plant or zombie will be invited to join in the parade themselves! Halloween revelers who join the PvZ contingent will be eligible for the costume contest which will occur immediately following the parade. PopCap will be digging up some great prizes for best plant and best zombie costumes based on the game!

The official meet-up spot for Plants and Zombies in the Parade is on Dominick St. between 6th Ave and Varick St. between 6 and 6:30 pm on the 31st.

10pm - Rated X Undead Halloween X-travaganza! - After the parade is through, everyone is invited to Don Hills for the official afterparty with the Rated X Undead Halloween Party hosted by Michael T, Theo and Zombie Ringleader Doug Sakmann! Anyone in costume will receive an extremely reduced rate of only $5 before Midnight! Details to be announced!
Don Hill’s - 511 Greenwich St. at Spring St. NYC – 21 + - $5 before Midnight!


Join us on Twitter:

Sponsored by Halloween Adventure (104 4th Ave @ 11th St, NYC) Mention "Zombie Crawl" when buying makeup and props and you'll get 10% off your purchase all year long!

Friday, October 23rd – Splatterhouse: Fake Blood Party at 941 Theater – Philadelphia
941 N Front Street, Philadelphia PA 19122
This isnt your regular costume party! We suggest that what ever you wear is COVERED in fake BLOOD. No, dont come with real blood you disgusting SICKO! Tip: Wearing all white ensures you’ll look the BLOODIEST.

Music includes: West Mansion - Evol Intent LIVE 12:30-2, JEFF HEART 2-3, Seraph and Royce 11-12:30, Smoke 10-11, Gaje 9-10, Eric Lubin 8-9

Host MC's: Messinian, Sharpness, and IQ equals MC
And in the womb: Industrial, EBM, Future Pop and Noise
Rotating DJs Include: Dyztort, Dr.Octo-Pussy, Sacrifice, and Mighty Mike Saga

Saturday, October 24th – Two Zombie Events!
Time TBA – Manhattan - Zombiecon 2009 – Sign up at www.zombiecon.com for all the details!
Details will only be announced to those who sign up on the Zombiecon website on the day of the event! You may have noticed that something hideous is happening--a plague has enveloped the globe, striking the young, rich, beautiful and famous with rotting flesh and oozing sores...celebrities are dying all around us and rising from the grave to take their revenge and devour us as we devoured them. Putrid Patrick Swazye, fetid Farrah Fawcett, mephitic Michael Jackson and more are ready for their last close up as they feast on ripe human brains. More to come...start working on your undead celebrity persona (from ANY era!) and get ready for braaaaaains!

8:30pm - Thrill the World NYC – Astoria Park, Queens
Thrill The World Is An Annual World-Wide Simultaneous Dance Of "Thriller" For World Records And Charity.
A Global Tribute to Michael Jackson!
Thrill The World NYC will be held on Saturday October 24th 2009 at 8:30pm in Astoria Park, Queens. Go to www.thrilltheworldnyc.com to sign up to be a part of this historic world wide event, there are FREE classes teaching Michael Jackson’s Thriller all month all over the city leading up to the big dance on the 24th!! Thrill the World NYC is currently raising money for its event as well as for Vh1 Save the Music. See the website and register for more details.

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