November 12, 2009

Moustache Party? All the Rage!

Whether you call it a moustache or a mustache or perhaps even a mini beard, one thing is for sure - the Moustache Party is a theme event that's slowly taking the party scene by storm!

It seems that many people have more fun at parties where everyone has a "party moustache" (or "party mustache," depending on how you prefer to spell it!). But...

What if you can't just grow a moustache in time for the party?!
Moustache party supplies, of course! What kind of facial hair is out there?

Well, Character Moustaches provide one possible, realistic solution. These types of fake facial hair stick on to your upper lip with spirit gum or double sided tap (such as Topstick or Toupee Tape). These are made with real human hair and come in Black, Blonde, Dark Grey, Light Brown, Light Grey, Medium Brown. The Rubie's Character Moustaches are probably one of the most realistic looking costume moustaches you will find.

Then there's the European style Moustache, the Handlebar Moustache, the Mandarin Moustache, the Winchester Moustache, and the Zapata Moustache, all from the Rubie's line. But, what if you have MULTIPLE moustache parties coming up? What if you need a different moustached look for each of the thrilling facial hair festivities? There's always the very versatile 6-Way Moustache that clips to your nose. It's specifically billed as a "party moustache," in fact, and you can "shape it any way you like."

And if your moustache party happens to require that you go that extra yard, there are always fake sideburns to stick on with spirit gum or double stick tape, and fake goatees to give you that extra-dashing look.

We've been seeing moustache party-goers increasing in numbers. Why, just this morning, someone came into New York Costumes to purchase 200 moustaches! It's wild.

So, are you getting your moustache party groove on?