November 20, 2009

When the Elves Come Marching In

We talked quite a bit about Santa in the last blog entry, particularly because of the upcoming SantaCon. But what about the little guys who keep Mr. Kringle up and running?

Let's talk about elves, baby. In particular, let's talk about elf costumes and some great options for dressing the part of one of Santa's helpers.

For starters, there is the classic Red and Green Velvet Elf Costume, which makes a splendid stand-alone costume or a base for holiday elven attire. Slip on the velvet one-piece red and green tunic, wrap the golden cord belt around your waist, on with the included hat and shoes, and off you go! There are golden belts and pom poms attached to the garment as well.

Not in the market for velvet elvishness? There's also the simpler, matte style Red and Green Elf Tunic to serve as your base garment or stand-alone. This tunic comes with a hat, cord belt, and shoes, all in red and green alternating colors. There are no bells on this one, but there are certainly pom poms! Bells can be added on to the belt, hat, or shoes with a bit of do-it-yourself needle and thread work.

For elvish wear of a solid color, there's the Green Peter Pan Costume, which comes with a tunic, hat, and tights, all in green. And of course, since elves like cord belts (so it seems?!), there's a white cord belt included as well. This tunic has dagged edges on the hem and sleeves, as well as a folded collar and a lace-up neck.

An even simpler green elf can be created with the Simple Green Elf Costume. Really to the point: green pull-over tunic without sleeves, a black sash, and green hat.

Already got an elf costume base? Looking to accessorize, perhaps?

Though not technically an accessory, the green adult long-sleeved bodysuit adds form fitted style to an elf ensemble. Also in the form fitting vein, there are Red and Green parti-colored tights and children's seamless green tights.

More formally an accessory: Green plush elf shoes. And then there are green elf suspenders and red fuzzy Santa hats, for outfitting the mini helpers in the style of their boss man, Mr. Kringle. And for your bag of goodies, use a velvet Santa Sack. Red and gold, with a shoulder strap - perfect for hauling gifts for the big guy.

And these are only a few ideas for holiday elf attire. Go classic... or even go wild. Assemble a basic elf costume, and then add some punk rock accessories for a "hardcore" look, or a mardi gras mask for an even greater festive look, or maybe even some hippy accessories to send a Peace on Earth message all around!

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