December 15, 2009

Couples Masks for Valentine's Mardi Gras Fun

Continuing along on the theme of a "Valentine's Day Mardi Gras," since in 2010 Valentine's Day is its usual Feb 14, while Mardi Gras is Feb 16, we will investigate some nifty couples' masks for masquerading and mischief.

Whether you are a part of a couple or seeking to be (perhaps with the help of Cupid's arrow), couples' mask sets leave many opportunities for get-together games.

The obvious choice would be for a pair of lovers to show up together at an event - say, a Valentine's Day ball - in matching couples' masks. Or, perhaps the pair might even stay at home and wear their masks there, even so.

If a single is looking for his or her love on an evening out, he/she could wear one of the masks and carry the second to give to his/her mate or mate-to-be. Hide and seek type games or scavenger hunts for one or both of the masks are also possible games to play.

Maybe a single guy or gal who is pursued by many suitors will carry the mask that matches his/her own and then, with all competing suitors assembled, place that matching mask on the mate is his/her choice. Wow, now that sounds like something out of a fairy tale!

Let's have a look at some popular couple's masks...

There are the red feathered Mardi Gras couples masks with gold trim and dangling lace. There is the male masquerade mask version and the female masquerade mask version. There are headband masks.

There are also black feathered Mardi Gras couples masks of a similar style to the red one mentioned above, except that they have a bit more of an "elven" eyebrow shape and the "female" verison of the mask has glittery gems between the eyes. Both male and female versions of this mask have ribbons attached. They are also headband masks.

Then there are the deep maroon masquerade couples masks. These are simple yet regal, covered in velvet texture. The "female" version comes with feathers attached, while the "male" version maintains an even greater simplicity. These are another pair of headband masks.

Another version of the red couples masks come in devil-esque style. Both sport a similar base design, but the female red devil couples mask sprouts feathers while the Mardi Gras male red devil mask keeps a simpler style.

Transparent masks also make great options for couples. There are old man, old women, young man, and young woman style.

Actually, there are so many combinations for couples masks, I'm just going to have to open a separate blog entry to continue counting them off! Chew on these velvet ones and the transparent one for now!

December 8, 2009

Stag Weekends, Event Production, and Word from the UK

Some quick heads-ups from some of our friends from across the Pond in the UK...

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For those of you UK'ers and European travellers, enjoy some of these resources for your themed entertainment.

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December 1, 2009

Mardi Gras Valentine's for 2010

Mardi Gras is coming early in 2010! This coming year, Mardi Gras will be on Tuesday, February 16.

Whoa! So soon! And with Valentine's Day 2010 coming on its usual February 14, there is such great potential for a Mardi Gras style Valentine's Day. Here are a bunch of ideas so that you don't get caught off guard when these two very distinct holidays collide:

Masks are the Mardi Gras trade mark, and masks also make great mystery fun for love birds. Classic romance-style masks naturally suggest the color red, with lace, feathers, golden trim, and hearts. Imagine two secretly wooing love birds, one in a graceful red and gold masquerade Mardi Gras mask and the other in a classic black and gold venetian Mardi Gras mask. Or a regal masked princess wearing a golden Mardi Gras mask with ribbons and jewels listening to the love songs sung by a wooer in the mysterious midnight masquerade Mardi Gras mask.

Real Valentine's mystery can be had with full face masks of Mardi Gras flavor. Full face black and gold masquerade masks give a lover a spooky and serene look. And then there is the reveler-lover with the very potentially deceptive plain white full face masquerade mask.

This is definitely a festive idea that you can develop further and further. If your a lover of revels, it's actually very lucky to have Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras falling so near to each other for 2010!