May 5, 2010

The Iron Man Cometh!

With the coming of Iron Man 2 to theaters this week (Friday, May 7), so too have come a great selection of Iron Man costumes to New York Costumes!

For adult Iron Man fans and character portrayals, we have both Iron Man and War Machine costumes.

The Adult Deluxe Iron Man Mark VI costume includes a strikingly realistic color and shading style to represent the Iron Man body armor, as well as a muscled chest and shoulders (for extra buffness!), a glowing reflector chest icon, and a mask in the style of Iron Man's helmet.

The Adult Deluxe War Machine costume includes a muscled jumpsuit, much like Iron Man's though colored and styled in steely grey and mechanical fashion of War Machine. It also includes a character mask.

For children, we have a variety of styles of Iron Man costumes. These include Iron Man Mark III and Mark VI versions: the Iron Man Mark III Classic, Iron Man Mark III Muscle, Iron Man Mark VI Classic, and the Iron Man Mark VI Muscle, as well as the children's War Machine Muscle Costume.

Come and check 'um out at New York Costumes at 104 4th Ave in New York City. And remember that you can see the new Iron Man 2 movie in "Regal Premium Experience" at the Friday, May 7 debut, at the Regal E-Walk Stadium 13, 247 W 42nd street, New York City.